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 The Meaning Behind the Name that Binds Us

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PostSubject: The Meaning Behind the Name that Binds Us   Mon May 10, 2010 10:07 pm

It's been asked enough times, so it's time to explain the name Tarondar on forum. In the 1990's I was GMing a RPG with friends. It was a fantasy game based on a world I was creating. The world is called Tarondar. The meaning of the name requires a little background:

The story, in a nutshell, is that the world in which we gamed was actually Earth several hundred thousand years into the future. Earth had gone through a lot of major changes in that time, leaving a lot of creative license to include many of the futuristic plot-lines out there (StarTrek, Dune, Asimov, cyberpunk, etc.). The most significant event would be the expansion of a time-space rift expanding from the center of the universe signaling the eventual collapse of the universe. The time-space rift allows for a 5th force (there are 4 in our current universe -- gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear bond, and weak nuclear bond) to come into existence. This force I termed "The Essence" ~ and it allows manipulation of all the other 4 forces --> in essence (no pun) it's magic. So given that Earth goes through periods of near destruction, galactic empire, high fantasy, and a mix of all three, by the time my RPG setting takes place, Earth has a rich and very different history from what we traditionally think of in a fantasy setting. Hyper-technology and high-magic both exist in the distant past, but their effects pop up occasionally in the stories.

As for the word Tarondar...
Having studied Historical Linguistics in college, I had already begun working on the various languages of my RPG world. For the common tongue, I took English as a base and put it through some language-change rules. Thus Tarondar = Terran (earth) + dear = Dear Earth.

Those RPG sessions became the basis of a 4-book story idea I've been writing for over 10 years. I've got the first book totally outlined and about 1/4 written. The other 3 books are roughly sketched. Maybe I should uninstall this game!


There you have it :D
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The Meaning Behind the Name that Binds Us
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