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 The Philosophy of Tarondar

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PostSubject: The Philosophy of Tarondar   Mon May 10, 2010 10:25 pm

Tarondar is a family. We take care of each other, help each other out, we congratulate each other when we've done well, and when one of us steps over the line, we tell them to their face politely. We strive to behave in an honorable and friendly manner. Members only need ask, and usually, if there's someone capable of help, we'll make it happen.

As in all families, we have very unique individuals, and none of us expects all of us to get along perfectly with all the rest. But despite differences in playing style, opinions, or even clothing choices, we still work together as a family should.

As such, there are only a few tenets Tarondar has come to represent:

(1) Tarondar is a non-PK faction. We don't believe players should be "killing" other players. It's a philosophical stance... and it has become fairly firm in practice. Heaven's Tear is a PVE environment. As such, it represents, a society of "human-like" races (yes even barbs) pitted against non-human mobs. This allows for a human ethical system - most notably "murder is to be avoided" - to exist. PK'ers are, in this server, murderers, whether or not the victim was willing (they pushed the blue-green button on their mini-map, or not (they got ganked coming into the cube). This type of mentality does not breed helpful, honorable, society. It breeds angry, callous, chaotic society.

(2) Tarondar does not participate in TW. TW stands for Territory War. As this "war" does not affect factions or players who do not participate, there is no reason to do so. TW is plaver vs. player so without the personal threat that exists in PVE, TW would normally violate the PK ban. Since our venture to Archosaur server and our participation in TW vs other factions, I think it fitting to modify our philosophy slightly. The TW aspect of PWI is separate from the the PVE environment altogether (unlike PKing). While players spend up to 3 hours killing each other, it's done on a battlefield with a reason and group goal behind the endeavor. It is, as stated before, war. However, when the players on both sides perform honorably, it is a wonderful test of one's skills, strategy, and teamwork. When a few choose the path of disrespect, then the experience loses its luster. On HT server, we don't have much to worry about in terms of participating in TW. The map is held by factions of 200 players near or above lvl100. No point. On Archosaur server, however, there was a time for TW and if the mood strikes us again, who knows? So as a tenet of our philosophy, TW performed honorably together as a team is a viable endeavor.

(3) PWI is a game. It needs to be fun. Any behaviors from members that destroys the "fun" of others is grounds for a firm "talking-to" and an evaluation as to whether Tarondar is the best place for those "fun-destroying" players.

The slogan is Casual Helpful Dramaless Gaming Family for a reason. Live by the reason.
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The Philosophy of Tarondar
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